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Ready to make some extra side $?

Drive for us!

We're looking for enthusiastic drivers to help make what we believe is Australia's most exciting delivery and logistics startup even better.

We employ drivers on two separate terms:

  • Employees

    • casual employment

    • hourly pay for 'time on delivery'

    • work when you want

    • use our car or your own

    • provided with all the training, equipment and support needed.

  • Contractors

    • be your own boss, paid per delivery (scaled per KM), we take 15% of delivery fee.

    • ABN and your own roadworthy, insured vehicle required.

    • training is provided upfront, with phone support available 24/7.

All you need to provide is your car (if not using ours), which is roadworthy and insured, and your own phone which is able to run run facebook messenger (and signed up here), and able to install and run the Square POS app (your own account is not required), and we'll sort out the rest.

We're increasingly busy at all times of day, so hours are flexible with your availability and existing arrangements.

Your tasks while on the job will include the following:

  • Following instructions from our mobile app on:

    • Placing orders at stores (where​ they are not already a partnered store)

    • Picking up orders

    • Delivering orders

    • Taking payment for delivery (where payment is not taken online or over the phone)

The beauty of FasterFood is we take care of the technical stuff, partnership details with stores, as well as customer acquisition, and allow you to just focus on the fun part of the job, deliveries and interacting with stores and customers.

If you like what you're reading, and are keen to say hi or apply, use the attached form to submit your info, and we'll be in touch!

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