FasterFood is excited to announce that we've publicly released our messenger bot for Partner Stores, and invite you on board. 

FasterFood have worked hard to develop a solution that works for any business, and take your delivery woes out of your hands.

With niceties and 21st century features such as live text updates to the customer on the progress of their delivery, a low barrier to entry, and no setup costs due to using a in-house built system running on your phone, we hope you enjoy using the service as much as our customers and drivers.

With just a few details and a click of a button, you can have a driver at your store within minutes. Using our system tailor built from the ground up, you can:

  • Submit delivery requests your store has received from it's mobile app or phone, to us through our app.

  • Have our app or hotline take orders from customers directly, and we simply forward it onto you over phone, or through your app.

  • Have our driver pre-pay you for the goods on pickup, and charge the customer for the goods and delivery fee.

  • Let us know the time the order will be ready, so whether a driver needs to be there in 5, 15, or 50, we'll know when to arrive.

  • Give us customer contact details, so once the goods leave the store, the driver can contact the customer directly if an issue arises on delivery, leaving your store to do the things that matter.

  • We can even change something to work just for you! Our system is built in house, if it doesn't do something you want, we can probably do it!

When you partner, we feature you on our apps, and setup takes minutes. All you need is a phone, PC or tablet, a facebook account, and facebook messenger installed.

See below on the common ways we partner with stores to make sure FasterFood works best for them (and you!)

Express your interest.

Send your details and we'll be in touch!

You already have an app, and can configure it for delivery
You currently only take phone orders
We take the order over our app or hotline
(We charge a reduced delivery fee to the customer compared to non-partner stores, and invoice your store a % of the order total)

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