Changes to our pricing and better support when things go wrong.

Key points:

Using the GET HELP button, the system now automates collecting info on what went wrong on your delivery, and if needed will immediately raise a new delivery request AT NO CHARGE to the next available driver. They'll handle things from there.

A new 10% fee on the amount that we paid on to the store upfront on your behalf. If it was prepaid, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE.


We're about to hit our 1 year anniversary of operation. We'd like to sincerely thank everyone who's supported us with your patronage. You're the reason we still exist! It's been quite the year of rapid growth for us (much more rapid than we ever anticipated or planned for), and we thank you for sticking with us while we've undergone quite substantial changes internally to manage the growth of the business.

We've been in talks internally about how to provide a better experience for customers when your order wasn't what you were expecting. We do our best to prevent them, but both our drivers and store staff are human, and mistakes happen. We kept adding and changing internal processes and prompts to drivers to ensure they check orders as best they can before they leave, but the error rate stayed stable despite our best efforts.

We previously had a very manual and completely separate process of handling these situations when they happen, and when this is contrasted with the speed and automation of the rest of our in house system, we have seen that we need to do more to account for when these issues arise. We also wanted to do better than other local online delivery competitors who have policies in place that make it hard for you as a customer to get a resolution if something went wrong. Often there isn't a resolution and you're out of luck. It's even in some operators terms and conditions that they won't help you in these instances. That's not the type of service we want to be.


For orders that we pay for when we pick it up, if something goes wrong you'll now be able to click the get help button and pick a specific option to start the process of reporting an order that was incorrect. It'll get you to give us all the info we need to do our thing, including photos, and we'll raise a completely new delivery request with absolutely NO CHARGE that'll be immediately assigned to the next available driver, skipping the normal queue. The driver will then handle the rest and get you your replacement item ASAP, no questions asked.

The important bit:

To support implementing this and further improvements to the FasterFood Platform, we are implementing a 10% surcharge ONLY on the amount we paid to the store on pickup. For example, on a delivery fee of $15, if we pay $40 to the store for the order, your new total is $15 + $4 (the 10%) + $40 (food order) = $59 total charge, vs $55 prior to this change. (Assume all values include GST). Combined with the new ability to better let us know and instantly handle issues that arise, we hope this extra fee is reasonable for the extra service that other delivery services don't provide.

This also means that if you have pre-ordered and pre-paid for an order, because we didn't hand over any money for the order, the 10% will simply be zero, so no extra charge vs prior to this change! This also means that any errors on the order that occurred will be out of our control as we neither ordered it, nor were responsible for packing the order, and often can't directly cross reference what you ordered is what we are given at every store, so missing items are often not our drivers' fault and therefore we won't be able to provide the 'instant replacement' for these orders. But if any issue does arise due to fault of the driver however, we will simply immediately refund the entire delivery fee charged.


We hope you understand what we are trying to achieve with the above proposal. Increasing fees is never ideal, but we hope that the proposed changes to better help you when things do go wrong make it worth it.

Let us know what you think either in the comments, or email us at, or through the Get Help button in our ever-improving Messenger bot. Thanks!

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